Mobile Security Management System

Put Technology To Work For Your Property

Kondolink allows you to effectively document, track, and monitor your property’s security and maintenance needs. With our platform, you can easily keep an eye on your property and security team, giving you peace of mind knowing your residents and assets are protected.
What Can Kondolink Do?
With our app-based software, you have the power over every facet of security operations for your business, condominium, high-rise apartment, or building complex. Streamline your systems, coordinate your teams, and safeguard your assets from anywhere in the world.

Secure Your Property

  • Make routine checks to see if your property is being ideally patrolled.

  • Send incident logs directly to assigned emails at the touch of a button for reviews and follow-ups.

  • Instantly dispatch incident and image summaries to designated individuals via text message.

Connect Your Security Team

  • Fully digital non-verbal communication tools that any security team can learn to use.

  • Manage your security no matter where you are via dedicated iOS and Android apps.

Property Maintenance, Simplified

  • Generate maintenance reports from anywhere on the premises and automatically send them to your property manager at your chosen time.

Keep Track Of What Matters

  • Archive your preferred data checkpoints with us for up to a year or more.

  • Access all your NFC logs instantly 24-7, and check all live and time-stamp reports.

  • Explore every security and maintenance report at any time from anywhere.

Customize Your System

  • Customizable dashboards that use your name and logo.

  • Craft customized route plans and interactive checkpoints.

Ready To Experience The Kondolink Difference

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